Cyber Security Assessment

Information systems are subject to serious threats that can harm your business reputation and damage your company’s bottom line. Those threats exploit vulnerabilities in order to compromise the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of your private business data. An information security policy describes the controls that are applied to mitigate vulnerabilities.

Our assessment prioritizes your business's information security risks by a diligent analysis of specific threats and vulnerabilities.

Your Business Must Manage Risk to Succeed

People learn and grow from taking chances—so do businesses. No business network is totally secure, but most breaches are avoidable without difficult or expensive action. Small businesses have limited resources and they must thoughtfully manage their risk to thrive.

Align Your Defenses with a Cybersecurity Assessment

A cyber security assessment helps businesses to evaluate the effectiveness of their current policy controls, so they can effectively manage risk. It is part of a larger overall business risk management process.

As an outside cyber security assessor, JSW4NET Inc. can help you to accurately and impartially measure how well you are implementing your information security policy and provide a clear assessment of risk. We have years of experience working with many diverse small business networks, so we are uniquely positioned to understand the challenges and opportunities of scale. Our service is based on the principles in NIST SP 800-30, “Guide for Conducting Risk Assessments.”

Our assessment process will :

  1. work to identify and understand the data you are protecting.
  2. identify common threats as well as industry specific threats.
  3. establish the severity of business impact from the threats.
  4. measure and assess the vulnerability of systems, data and networks.
  5. provide you with a clear written report containing the security assessment.

How effective is your security?

Our network security assessment report will rank the identified threats to your business data and systems, using a simple low, medium, high rating. The report will also provide a list of relevant controls, so you may focus on implementing your information security plan to arrive at an acceptable level of risk.

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